About Us

The Metro Denver Nature Alliance (Metro DNA) is a growing coalition of non-profit, government, research, and private sector members seeking to align nature-based efforts to ensure more equitable access to nature and to promote healthy people, communities, and natural places. Through shared visioning and sustained collaborations, Metro DNA works for a future when:
  • Metro Denver residents have equitable access to parks, open spaces, and other kinds of nature meaningful to them.
  • Metro Denver communities integrate nature to promote healthy, active residents.
  • The metro Denver region protects, restores, and stewards natural systems that support people, wildlife, and ecological function.

Our mission is to facilitate an inclusive regional alliance that enhances the alignment and impact of nature-based efforts in order to champion more equitable access to nature and to promote healthy people, communities, and natural places in the metro Denver region.

Underlying Metro DNA’s approach is the belief that a coordinated alliance can achieve more than the sum of its parts: as members jointly consider the intersections among key regional issues, they can develop and implement more equitable, effective, and sustainable solutions. Specifically, Metro DNA holds that greater member alignment and integrated strategies will lead to:
  • increased investment in nature;
  • greater prioritization of nature in land use decisions;
  • stronger public support for equitable access to nature; and
  • heightened engagement with nature across diverse communities.
In support of these goals, Metro DNA will perform three mutually reinforcing roles:
  • Facilitating collaboration and alignment among the many partners working to advance healthy people, communities, and nature.
  • Championing nature-based efforts by publicizing partners’ work, showcasing their successes, and raising public awareness and support for nature, broadly defined.
  • Building partner capacity by promoting resource sharing and leveraging joint activities.
Read more in our Three Year Strategic Business Plan [PDF].

Focus on Equity

On March 21, 2019 the Metro DNA Steering Committee adopted a set of Equity Principles and Commitments that further guide our work, the deepening of our collaborative conservation network, and the projects we take on in partnership.

Member Organizations

Metro DNA is a member-supporting and a member-supported coalition. Our work to connect, champion, and build capacity among members is made possible largely by the contribution of annual dues. This alliance is what we make of it and achieves what we each put into it!
Full list of Metro DNA members