Evaluation = Use data to continuously learn, adapt, and improve.

Regular program and performance evaluation is a critical component of collective impact work, Metro DNA’s model for bringing partners together on a shared vision of a thriving region for people + nature.

We invite you to complete the Metro DNA Program Evaluation Survey today!

This is our opportunity to gauge our effectiveness to date and deepen our shared capacity to create and sustain stronger, healthier, greener, and more resilient communities through improving equitable access to nature and green spaces. This opportunity is made possible through partnership with CU Denver School of Public Affairs and is being conducted in partial fulfillment of a Master of Public Administration degree.

The questions are based on the objectives set out in our Three Year Strategic Business Plan (2017-2020) and the survey should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

With increased understanding of partner perspectives around this collective impact adventure, we will be able to better align our work with your needs and ideas moving forward. We remain committed to connecting organizations to one another and to the resources we all need to improve equitable access to nature and green spaces across the region. 

Thank you!

Dana Coelho, Alliance Director, Metro DNA
Shayne Estes, UC Denver MPA Candidate