Become a Partner

Thanks for your interest in joining the Metro Denver Nature Alliance!

Metro DNA is a partner-supported coalition that is sustainable through the payment of dues. This allows Metro DNA to support your important work while not competing for scarce funding.

Our current Metro DNA Partnership Application and Metro DNA Partner Dues Structure are described and linked below.

Before you apply for partnership, please consider your commitment to our shared mission, vision, and guiding principles. All partner organizations should be able to demonstrate a clear connection and commitment to the following:

Mission: To facilitate an inclusive regional alliance that enhances the alignment and impact of nature-based efforts in order to champion more equitable access to nature and to promote healthy people, communities, and natural places in the metro Denver region.

Vision: Through shared visioning and sustained collaborations, Metro DNA works to make the Metro Denver region a thriving place for people and for nature, for a future when:

  • Residents have equitable access to parks, open spaces, and other kinds of nature meaningful to them.
  • Communities integrate nature to promote healthy, active residents.
  • The region protects, restores, and stewards natural systems that support people, wildlife, and ecological function.

Guiding Principles: Several core beliefs guide Metro DNA’s approach and our work together:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion: All people deserve to have equitable access to nature meaningful to them. We actively integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion in Metro DNA work and processes, and promote this work among partners.
  • Support: Building partner capacity is a core part of Metro DNA’s programming. We will work together to create a positive return on investment for all partner contributions.
  • Amplify: By championing the work of partners, Metro DNA – its staff, standing committees, and partners – seeks to highlight the importance of diverse nature-based efforts.
  • Open and transparent: Through open and transparent communication, we promote active participation and the building of new networks among all partners.
  • Knowledge-based: We authentically integrate the expertise of a range of advisors, including technical scientific advisors, as well as on-the-ground community leaders.

Partner Benefits:  

  • New connections: Partners establish relationships with a diverse set of individuals advancing nature-based efforts across the metro Denver region through regular in-person meetings, informal networking opportunities, and online communication forums.
  • Greater alignment: Partners develop shared strategies and strengthen collaborations across complementary efforts through Metro DNA’s meetings, working groups, and partner-led projects.
  • Increased capacity: Partners access new resources to advance their work, including trainings, best practices information, and staff support for collaborative projects and working groups.
  • Expanded reach: Partners gain greater visibility locally and regionally as Metro DNA elevates and showcases partners’ nature-based efforts and collaborative projects.
  • Leveraged resources: Partners attract more public and private funds for their work due to their greater strategic alignment.
  • Shared vision: Partners collaborate to co-create a compelling long-term vision and integrated strategies that can guide efforts across the region toward shared long-term goals, ultimately creating transformative change.

Note that Metro DNA partners are organizations, represented by one or more individuals who are encouraged to actively participate in committees, projects, and/or activities. Individuals interested in contributing to the Metro DNA mission and vision may explore other opportunities to engage and/or stay in touch.

If you are ready to join our community of leaders and commit to co-creating Metro Denver as a thriving place for people and nature, please complete the application below and the Partner Outreach Committee will follow up with you as soon as possible. Partnership applications are reviewed monthly, with decisions made by the Steering Committee on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Metro DNA Partnership Application – 2019_distributed

Metro DNA Partner Dues Structure